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504 Plan


SCHOOL SURVIVAL ACCOMMODATIONS specifically for the Selectively Mute student, families, school personnel, and all professionals.  The only comprehensive, explicitly detailed guide available for achieving social and academic success. Filled with quality information detailing appropriate educational programs and interventions.  Includes what a 504 Plan is, how to develop one, advantages over Special Education, example of a 504 Plan, how to ensure implementation compliance, how to avoid Special Education "LABELS", and much more!!

Sue Newman, the pioneer of Selective Mutism, developed the first 504 Plan ever written for Selective Mutism in the early 1990's when Selective Mutism and 504 Plans were virtually ignored.  Through her relentless efforts to help her 2 children who have since overcome Selective Mutism, and despite bitter external resistance, she secured legal assistance from the Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, and prevailed in the implementation of the first 504 Plan for Selective Mutism ever adapted into the School System.  She has paved the way, and families and professionals alike have utilized her expertise in their treatment of Selective Mutism.

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