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Parents: instead of downloading if you would like to receive our brochure, research/media participation information, etc. in the mail, please mail your request to either address below:

Foundation Addresses:

The Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc.
P. O. Box 13133
Sissonville , WV 25360-0133
Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc.
P. O. Box 25972
Tamarac, FL 33320

To receive your parent packet,  please send a large, S. A. S. E., (self addressed stamped envelope) with sufficient postage (2 postage stamps minimum in the USA – more if outside USA ).  Consult your local post office for exact amounts.

You can also e-mail us here with questions regarding fund raising ideas or to donate tax deductible items to the Foundation, (eg. office equipment, supplies).

Contact Us! You can email us at the following email address:

If that link does not work you can copy and paste into your email program or fill out the form below: