Life After Selective Mutism

Life after Selective Mutism
Recovered Adults

Below are a few paragraphs written by our young adults who suffered from Selective Mutism as children.  They share briefly how
they were able to overcome the disorder and become successful. 

Where can I even begin? I had always been so frustrated to see myself in a position where I had many capabilities
to become successful, yet have had something holding me back. All that I thought I could do was hope that only the
best would come for me. That was not enough though. I had to struggle with shyness throughout my life, but that
time has ended the moment I graduated from college. After all situations I faced throughout my years at college, it
only made me a more ambitious person. I am happy now happily married and hold a full time job in the teaching
field. All of this, I must say, came from courage and motivation. Those two qualities alone are enough for some one
to conquer shyness and achieve a goal. I believe that we all have the ability to motivate ourselves by making sure
that we become successful throughout life. Written by Adina Newman.
I suffered with Selective Mutism all my life. Now, I finally got out of my shell and I am speaking to people. I had a
few jobs in the past that I never had before when I was in high school. It was hard to get a job but I did it. I just went
to interviews and spoke up to the manager and told him I was a great worker. Then I got the job and I was so happy.
I also had boyfriends in the past and lived with a roommate. Now we are best friends. I never had a best friend
before. Whoever suffers with Selective Mutism, you can do it. Don’t give up! I know it’s hard at first and you feel
anxious but when you try to speak up it gets so much easier. You will also feel happier. I know how it is to feel
anxious to speak to people cause I felt like that also.

Some times people get the wrong impression when you are shy but you have to tell people that you are an
intelligent person and open up to them. Then you will see how fast their attitude toward you changes. People will
start to like you even more.