Parents Know Best

As a parent, you must be your child’s biggest advocate! You will become empowered when you saturate yourself with information
and knowledge! You need to develop social skills when they are young. This helps later in life in relationships with spouses,
friends, and co-workers.

It is important that we as parents, teachers, physicians or anyone involved with a child strive to share our experiences and
strategies that have worked for us so others may benefit from our knowledge. The best strategies are those where everyone works
together. Parents need to develop an individual plan for your child and most important be consistent! The treatment program that
is devised for the classroom can be adjusted to use shorter or similar versions at home to encourage your child to talk to
neighbors, relatives, restaurant and store clerks, etc. You have to put your all into it and be willing to work with your child every
day in every situation or environment. Give your child the opportunity to talk! Don’t give up easily. Stick with it!

Parents may want to use a daily or weekly journal to record your child’s accomplishments. These can be beneficial particularly if
you are having a day that you may feel discouraged. Your child may be at a standstill where you don’t see much happening.
Having a journal will give you the opportunity to see the progress. At times you may feel your child is only taking baby steps, but
your child is making progress nonetheless. The child or teen may enjoy keeping their own journal as well so they will gain
confidence in themselves. Don’t ever give up Hope! Keep the perseverance and determination!