Student With Hidden Disabilities

Did you know that the US Department of Education publishes a pamphlet named “The Civic Rights of Students with Hidden Disabilities”? Hidden disabilities are those, which are not readily noticeable, such as blindness, etc. Hidden disabilities cover a variety of conditions including diabetes, specific learning disabilities, and Selective Mutism.

A disability, as defined under law and the US Department of Education, is an impairment, which substantially limits a person’s major life activities.

Some of the responsibilities of public institutions include:

  • Providing a free appropriate education.
  • Administering nondiscriminatory evaluations and diagnostic test to avoid inappropriate placement and  classification. (For Selective Mutism, hearing impaired so that verbal responses are not required).
  • Providing equal opportunity for nonacademic and after school services and activities.

For a copy of this pamphlet and others write to:
US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Washington DC 20202-1328
Or call 800-368-1019.

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