Book On SM


Characteristics of Selective Mutism
Evidence for an anxiety related Etiology©2002

Research collaboration between Dr. Sandra Coiffman-Yohros, Psy.D.,LMHC
North Miami Beach, FL and The Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc


and anyone who is touched by
Selective Mutism in any way.

150 pages filled with invaluable information.
This is just a sample of the covered topics

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An incomparable resource…………………. The most informative survey in existence…150 back to back pages filled with pertinent data of responses to 165 questions from parents, children, recovered adults and families who have up to 4 children struggling with Selective Mutism. Sections include pregnancy information ,familial background, personal feelings of symptoms and associated behaviors. School related issues, including special education placements and denial of activity participation! Comments from professionals, treatment interventions results, including modes of therapy and medications. Also, percentage of families accused of causing Selective Mutism and how many families were reported unjustly to child protection agencies! Identifying information, such as names, addresses were NOT used to protect confidentiality, as per research consent release participation.

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