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  • Birth of the Foundation for Elective Mutism, Inc. (1993 changed to Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. to reflect name change of disorder)
  • Magazine-Twins Magazine, March/April 1991, Listening to You, page 8.
  • Magazine-Exceptional Parent, Volume 21, number 5 July/August 1991, Family Support, page 12
  • Newspaper-The Charleston Gazette, WV, Today 8/22/91 , staff writer- Chris Miller.
  • Newspaper-Daily News, NY, Urban Gazette, 9/9/91 , The Silence of the Lambs, staff writer- Hollie I. West
  • Newspaper-Standard Examiner, Utah Horizons, 9/22/91 , Elective Mutism is hardest on parents, kids. NY Daily News, writer – Hollie I. West
  • Newspaper-The Buffalo News, Your Health 9/24/91, When a child won’t speak up in public, NY Daily News, writer- Hollie I. West
  • Newspaper-Daily Journal, N.E. Mississippi, Volume 118, number 182, 9/29/91, Parents of kids who won’t talk forming a national support group, Daily News writer-Hollie I. West.
  • TV Guide-N.Y. Metropolitan, Edition, TV Guide, 10/5/91 to 10/11/91, Volume 39, number 40, issue #2010, page 121, “Elective Mutism”.
  • TV Show-NBC Maury Povich Show, Elective Mutism 10/8/91. **First segment ever presented on Selective Mutism” “Elective Mutism disorder that affects a child’s ability to communicate”
  • Magazine-Twins Magazine, March/April 1992, Listening to You, page 6.
  • Newspaper-N.Y. Newsdays, Discovery 8/8/92 , When Silence Isn’t Golden, staff writer-Liz William
  • Newspaper-Community News, Hollywood, FL, Volume 3, Number 38, 11/4/92, Elective Mutism: A Silent Cry for Help-front cover, staff writer- Heather G. Cohn.
  • Name change to Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. to reflect name change of disorder
  • Education brochure – “Understanding SM: A Silent Cry for Help!” internal rough draft developed.
  • “Family Profile Questionnaire” for research and “Release Form” internal rough draft developed to participate in research, media and networking for support with other parents.
  • “Let’s Talk” newsletter internal rough draft developed rough drafts.
  • Pen Pal service set up.
  • DSM-IV Book, Criteria 3/1/93. Task Force on DSM-IV. American Psychiatry Association, “Elective Mutism, A review prepared for the DSM-IV sourcebook”, NIMH Post doctoral Research Fellow in Child Psychiatry, Nancy K. Tancer, M.D., Rachel G. Klein, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology.
  • Newspaper-Sun-Sentinel Newspaper, Broward County, FL, Lifestyle, Section E, 2/25/93, Silent Cry, staff writer- Nancy McVicar.
  • Journal-Journal American Academy Child Adolescent Psychiatry, 1993, 32.686, Leszczyk (AKA Newman, S.), A parents comments on Elective Mutism.
  • Newspaper-The Dallas Morning News 3/22/93, Children who are afraid to talk, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Sun Sentinel staff writer-Nancy McVicar.
  • Journal-Elective Mutism 10/93, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, Volume 2, number 4, pages 695-707, authors, Henrietta L. Leonard, M.D. and Deborah A. Topol, B.A.
  • Magazine-Your Health Magazine 11/16/93, Volume 32, number 23, Boca Raton, FL, Bringing Shy Kids Out Of Their Shell, staff writer-Barbara F. Meltz
  • Educational grant received from Upjohn Pharmaceutical Co. for educational brochure development
  • Contact Person committee developed – volunteers in some states to act as contact person for others in their area to distribute information on Selective Mutism.
  • Hotline Crisis – Parents available to talk to other parents in time of crisis about strategies that helped their children from a parent’s point of view.
  • Developed and Copyrighted educational brochure – “Understanding Selective Mutism: A Silent Cry for Help!”
  • Developed and Copyrighted “Family Profile Questionnaire”
  • “Selective Mutism Group” – support group formed for children in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.**First group for children ever formed**
    Group facilitated by Michelle Fienberg, L.S.C.W. and Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. Some group participants also appeared on 20/20 with Connie Chung.
  • Journal-New Developments in Childhood Affective and Anxiety Disorders Journal: Current Problems in Pediatrics 11/94; 24:12-38, Elective Mutism pages 28-29, authors-Swedo, S, M.D.; Leonard H., M.D., Allen, A.J., Ph.D.-NIMH.
  • Journal-Journal American Academy Child Adolescent Psychiatry, 33:2, 2/94, page 283, “The Selective Mutism Controversy (continued), Frank Boon, M.D., (response in support of S. Leszczyk’s (A.K.A. S. Newman) letter to Journal 1993.
  • “Let’s Talk” © Newsletter first issue published in March 1995. **First newsletter about Selective Mutism ever issued” Sections included: Advisory Board, Mailbox (children’s question and answer), and Parents Corner. Other issues included: Pen Pals, Teacher Talk.
  • Bibliography developed.
  • Doctor Referral list complied and available for reference for physicians who had experience treating Selective Mutism children.
  • TV Show-NBC The Phil Donahue Show, “Kids who refuse to speak” 5/22/96, One-hour program about Selective Mutism.**Second TV program ever presented on Selective Mutism**
  • Journal-The Providence Journal Bulletin 8/1/96, Shy to a Fault, staff writer-Linda Borg.
  • Journal-Fluoxetine Treatment of Children with Selective Mutism, An Open Trial, Journal American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 35:615-621. E.S. Dummit, III, M.D., R. F. Klein, Ph.D., N.K. Tancer, M.D., G. Ashe, Ph.D., J. Martin.
  • Magazine-Woman’s World Magazine 10/29/96, A Woman’s Story, staff writer-Jo Alice.
  • Journal-The Child Therapy News, 12/96, volume IV, number 2, Treating Selective Mutism, publisher, Center for Applied Psychology, Inc.
  • Book-It’s Nobody Fault: New Hope and Help for Difficult Children, 1996, Time Books, N.Y., author- Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D.
  • Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. website developed, engineered by Michele Feinberg, L.S.C.W.
  • Newspaper-The Herald newspaper, Broward, FL, 5/5/97, unusual disorder strikes children silent, Herald staff writer-Amy Vernon.
  • Journal-Systematic Assessment of 50 Children with Selective Mutism, Journal American Academy Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 36:5, 5/97, pages 653-665, E.S. Dummit, III, M.D., R.G. Klein, Ph.D., N.K. Tancer, M.D.
  • Newspaper-The Tampa Tribune, FL, 7/19/97, When Shyness Hurts, Tampa Tribune Correspondents-Donna Koeh
  • “Let’s Talk” © newsletter – issue included new column “Ask Dr. Dummitt” question/answer section.
  • Databases developed by Carolyn Miller to contain demographic information for those who contacted the foundation for information for mail list and future research participation.
  • Newspaper-The Associated Press-Various Nationwide newspapers, Selective Mutism in Children seen as form of Social Phobia, author- Richard Gallagher, Ph.D.
  • Book-Is It Just A Phase?, Chapter 20, Selective Mutism, Golden Books Publishing Co., 1998, authors-Dr. Henrietta Leonard and Dr. Susan Swedo.
  • TV Show-ABC 20/20 with Connie Chung, 6/14/99 An Agonizing Silence **Last segment to date on Selective Mutism**
  • Journal-Selective Mutism, The Child Who Doesn’t Speak at School, Journal Pediatrics, volume 104, number 2, 8/1999, author-Paul R. Joseph, M.D.
  • “Let’s Talk” © Newsletter contained article on research “Selective Mutism The Child who doesn’t speak at school” Paul R. Joseph, M.D., NY University School of Medicine.
  • Book-Characteristics of Selective Mutism: Evidence for An Anxiety Related Etiology.Research collaboration between Sandra Coiffman-Yohros, Psy.D., LMHC and The Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. Data results of nearly 400 families who completed the original and only detailed 6 page questionnaire © 2002 developed by the Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc.
  • Pediatricians are missing the silence, 12/03 to be published, author: Richard Schwartz, M.D., Alicia Freedy, M.D.