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Your Help During This Pandemic

Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. understands that during this pandemic, as parents, you struggle to balance work, child care, and self-care while keeping your worries at bay. It is especially hard for those with children with selective mutism or social anxiety disorder. Our non-profit organization in Tamarac, Florida, recognizes that they are most especially struggling with … Continue reading

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Finding the Best Support for Your Kids With Selective Mutism

Kids need to start developing their social skills early in life. With excellent communication, negotiation, and other social skills, they’ll be able to cultivate great relationships, be it in their personal or professional life. But have you noticed your kids having some awkward speechless moments when in the midst of people they don’t know? Are … Continue reading

Dealing with Selective Mutism (SM)

It’s a real struggle to have a lot of great ideas inside your head, but you’re unable to express them. This is the dilemma of people with selective mutism. If you have loved ones with this condition, it would be wise to seek professional help from a non-profit organization in Tamarac, Florida that specializes in … Continue reading

Extreme Shyness as a Sign of Selective Mutism

It is normal for a child to feel shy when going to school for the first time. However, if a long time has passed and your extremely shy child has not talked yet, he or she might have selective mutism. Talk with a doctor about this situation and go to for information.

Selective Mutism: Ensuring Your Child’s Comfort in School

School can be difficult and challenging for kids with selective mutism. Parents can help make sure that their children are comfortable at school through the following tips: Inform the teacher about your child’s condition. This way, the teacher can put more focus on your child. Talk with the staff about a 504 plan which your … Continue reading

Common Treatments for Selective Mutism

Selective mutism is considered a rare childhood disorder characterized by failure to speak in social settings even though the child is capable of speaking. Treatment for selective mutism is available, though. They include: Psychodynamic Therapy Behavioral Therapy Family Therapy Medication-based interventions Doctors will have to thoroughly observe and closely monitor the child to determine which … Continue reading