Braving the Quarantine through Video Sessions

Braving the Quarantine through Video Sessions

Helping as many people as we can to support a child with selective mutism and/or social anxiety amid quarantine, and the closure of various establishments including schools is something we are passionate about. We at Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc., a public service organization in Florida, believe that the youth can continue to brave their speaking goals with the help of technology.

Schedule telehealth sessions for your child and their therapist. Some various apps and sites may prove to be useful, including Google Meet, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, Messenger, Houseparty, etc. You can even use these platforms to encourage your child to communicate with their preferred peers and family members, as well as their classmates, coaches, and teachers. We at our non-profit organization in Tamarac, Florida, also suggest for children to be exposed to verbal and nonverbal games during these video sessions.

There are a lot of online verbal and nonverbal games that can be beneficial for individuals who are living with selective mutism and/or social anxiety. The verbal games that they may engage in include, but are not limited to, Hangman, Madlibs, 20 Questions, I Spy, Two Truths and a Lie, etc. The nonverbal games, on the other hand, are charades, Simon Says, fitness challenges, and arts and crafts, among others.

For more information about how to help individuals with selective mutism live an improved quality of life, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our campaign group.

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