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Teen Volunteers

Most high schools encourage students to do volunteer work. This is an excellent opportunity for the Selectively Mute teen to gain self-confidence. It’s a great avenue for them to gain valuable skills in a field they may be interested in pursuing later in life. As the teen gets involved in serving in the community, it … Continue reading

Teacher Talk

Teacher Talk Teachers should stop all criticism when working with a Selectively Mute child. This includes verbally and writing on the child’s papers. They should encourage any positive attempts, no matter how small. Teachers should provide a relaxed, comfortable, supportive, and approving atmosphere for the child where all attempts at speaking would be met with … Continue reading

Teacher Skills

An article written for the Tampa Tribune by Donna Koehn TEACHERS SKILLS HELP KIDS OVERCOME SHYNESS Most researchers agree that a good preschool can help a young child develop social skills to ease shyness. However, the preschool teacher is the key to achieving that goal. When choosing a preschool, use the following guidelines for assessing … Continue reading

Summer Camp

Some children make excellent progress throughout the school year only to regress during the summer months. Summer camp is an excellent way to keep your child talking! Most are day camps during the weekdays where the child is not required to stay overnight. This is a fun way for them to interact with peers or … Continue reading

Special Education

All too often, children experiencing Selective Mutism are evaluated and placed into special education programs in public schools. It is assumed by Special Education school staff that these children will fare better in classrooms containing fewer students and more individual attention. It is on rare occasion that a Selectively Mute student will benefit from a … Continue reading

Selective Mutism Lagging Behind in Research

Selective Mutism Lagging Behind in Research The SMF, Inc. provided research participants for the FIRST 2 largest scale legitimately published studies on SM. The results largely confirmed anxiety as the overwhelming symptom and assisted with developing Behavior Modification techniques and the class of medications used today to treat the Social Anxiety in SM. A legitimately … Continue reading