How Pets Benefit a Child with Selective Mutism

How Pets Benefit a Child with Selective Mutism

There has been a lot of mystery revolving around selective mutism. Often, a person with this kind of disorder is misunderstood as a snob, shy, or downright rude. This is wrong. Selective mutism is an anxiety disorder that affects approximately 1 in 140 children, which hinders them from speaking freely in certain situations.

As parents, we feel worried for our kids if they refuse to express themselves verbally. Shyness is one thing, but what happens if their selective mutism inhibits them from living a normal life? How will they be able to make friends or simply talk with others?

Thus, our non-profit organization in Tamarac, Florida, shares with you a tip on helping your child. Why not give them a pet? Better yet, let them choose from an adoption center. After all, animals and humans benefitted from each other for years. Of course, this includes incorporating animals in certain forms of therapy.

Let our public service organization in Florida share ways on how a pet can aid your child:

  • Organizing kids’ playdates together with their pets can encourage socialization.
  • If your child has a dog, let them join dog-training lessons or visits to the park.
  • Pets can provide a sense of safety and calm.
  • They can improve self-esteem, develop social skills, and reduce anxiety.

As a campaign group, Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. advocates for the well-being of every child with selective mutism. We seek ways to provide support for families who are in the dark about SM. Aside from these, we also aim to lift the stigma around selective mutism by educating others about the disorder and how they can help.

If you need our help, please feel free to contact us through our website, as well as through our social media.

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