How to Deal with Selective Mutism in the Classroom

How to Deal with Selective Mutism in the Classroom

One of the common mistakes of teachers about a child with selective mutism is thinking that he or she is just acting up by not participating or speaking. As a non-profit organization in Tamarac, Florida, we need to ensure that every child feels welcome and comfortable at the school.

  • Search about the condition.

    Selective mutism is a symptom of anxiety disorder. It is more manifested when the child already starts school. Thus, teachers must learn about the condition, so they can help in fighting against the disorder. You can connect with a reputable campaign group helping children and families with this condition.

  • Be patient and understanding.

    Think that a beautiful child is clothed with the appearance of selective mutism. As a teacher, you are there to help in reducing the symptoms. You have to be patient and understanding when you are not receiving responses from the child.

  • Praise or reward achievements.

    When the child speaks or participates, reward him or her with a star or anything you can think of. This is a positive reinforcement to the progress of the child. You may partner with a dependable public service organization in Florida for you to get an idea on how to handle a child with selective mutism the best possible way.

We, at Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc., are committed to helping children, parents, teachers, and the community to be more aware of this disorder and how to deal with it. For further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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