Julie Thompson “Boy Am I Glad I Found You!!”

My daughter is now 30 years old and still has this condition so it’s not just children!

While raising her, the schools would call me in 3 times a year for serious behind-closed-doors meetings and I was told diagnosis constantly about what seemed to be going on with her. The lack of knowing about selective mutisum is very real.

Not being able to have control of this condition has caused my daughter to be unable remember or keep important appointments from the intense anxieties she has from not being able to speak out for so long. I believe the condition mutated into a more serious one that had yet to be diagnosed.

Because of Selective Mutism she has been unable to find and keep any employment opportunity. She also couldn’t retain educational material well enough to pass tests and graduate from school or GED examinations, yet she’s smart as a whip!

Thank you for all you have done, from a mother of a grown daughter with Selective Mutism,

Julie Thompson

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