Selective Mutism Lagging Behind in Research

Selective Mutism Lagging Behind in Research

Girl Student And ShynessThe SMF, Inc. provided research participants for the FIRST 2 largest scale legitimately published studies on SM. The results largely confirmed anxiety as the overwhelming symptom and assisted with developing Behavior Modification techniques and the class of medications used today to treat the Social Anxiety in SM.

A legitimately published study is unbiased and contains guidelines and transparency, among other things. If a proposed study is awarded a grant and favorably evaluated when completed it will then qualify for publication and acceptance into scientific journals.

Since SM is still considered a rare disorder it is imperative that professionals who treat it consider coordinating scientific research practices to promote the advancement of finding a cure.

We are at a standstill; scientific discoveries of our past published findings and related treatment strategies are still in use, some presented as new and innovative but sadly a reinvention of the wheel.

Worse, there are some theories out there used for treating SM that have already been discredited and others that are yet to be proven beneficial. This defeats progress and promotes theories for treatment.


Sue Newman-Mercado
Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. 2018

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