Tell Us Your Story

We would greatly appreciate testimonials from everyone who has benefited from our work. How has the Selective Mutism Foundation Inc influenced you or your family, students, patients, etc.? What is your story?

“I’m 37 was diagnosed with SM that I recently found out went Thur my life not understanding what was wrong nobody had answers or didn’t understand so I always felt like a outcast. I’ve been doing research and a lot of my wondering has been answered. Doing so might have caused a trigger but I felt like I was alone and tired of why I am the way I am . Not understanding why my parents didn’t explain SM to me even me being a adult makes me feel like a secret. I think me learning about it will help me reverse some of it. I’m on citalopram helps a lot more outspoken still battling being in groups of ppl like a a table setting I get bad fluttering in my ears and my eyes feel weird and get very tired with blurry vision and hard to keep eyes open . I just wish I knew all this I think me a knowing about it would of made me a different person but I guess my parents and others decided it would be better for me not to know. I have recently and still battling symptoms I’m lost to what to do about fixing it but know I can inform my psychiatrist. And if you all have any opinions or more research on adult SM please inform me.”

Sarah Farley