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Free Treatment

Explore the free treatment options and medical assistance programs that are available for Selective Mutism.

Directory of Selective Mutism Specialists

Specialist Directory

Find a local medical specialist to treat Selective Mutism in our national directory of specialized healthcare providers.

Social Security Administration Seal Free Benefits for Selective Mutism

Social Security Benefits

Discover the Social Security benefits available for individuals struggling with Selective Mutism - Childhood Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

Selective Mutism Screening with a Self Test


Take the self-test to find out if you or a family member struggles with Selective Mutism. Not a replacement for clinical diagnosis by a medical professional.

Free brochure on Selective Mutism

Free Brochure

Take advantage of the Selective Mutism Foundation's free printable brochure. This informative pamphlet is perfect for the classroom, counselor's office, or home.

Selective Mutism Consultations and Sensitivity Training

Consultation & Training

Meet with one of our founders for a consultation, workshops, educational accommodations, advocacy, supported employment & independent living training throughout the South Florida tri-county region.