Sue Newman-Mercado

Consultation, Workshops, Educational Accommodations, Advocacy, Supported Employment & Independent Living Training.

Sue Newman-Mercado, co-founder of the Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. is the parent of 2 daughters who struggled with Selective Mutism. Ms. Newman has gained years of invaluable experience in Selective Mutism through assisting her children, the evolvement of the Foundation, and the development of school-based intervention plans. She has done extensive research and has acquired a broad-based knowledge of the issues, problems, laws, and procedures relating to Special Education. Ms. Newman has also spent several years on staff and as a parent liaison within the Special Education department of the New York City Board of Education. The school-based accommodation plans that Ms. Newman has developed are specifically designed to address the unique needs of students experiencing Selective Mutism and, at times, utilizing Section 504 and other means of assistance. (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a long-standing Federal law that protects the civil rights of individuals with disabilities)

Ms. Newman is also an FL Certified Supported Employment Specialist and places numerous individuals with special needs into meaningful employment within their communities. She is also a certified Supported Living Counselor and assists individuals 16 years old + with special needs by providing resources and training to become independent, productive, and accepted.

Ms. Newman conducts seminars on Selective Mutism and accompanies families to school-based meetings to assist with IEP and/or 504 Plan development – create/implement accommodations and strategies. She also assists with teaching independent living skills and finding/retaining employment.

Services are provided throughout the South Florida tri-county region.

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