by Sue Newman-Mercado, co-founder Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc.

This powerful, 20-minute classroom presentation educates while it simultaneously replaces isolation, teasing, or harassment of the Selective Mute student with understanding, acceptance, and friendship. These goals are attained through guided student participation by associating with the symptoms of social anxiety. The live presentation, in lieu of a lecture or video, is vital, as classmate participation and interaction produce the desired results. Professionals or parents can easily conduct this step-by-step presentation.

Sue Newman is the leader in Selective Mutism and originator of school-based intervention plans. She invented and implemented the only Inservice/Sensitivity Training for Selective Mutism into various educational institutions long before Selective Mutism was officially recognized as a social anxiety disorder.

She created this original approach in recognition of the urgent need to bridge the gap between Selectively Mute students and their classmates. Her unique presentation to reach students is implemented in schools worldwide and is regarded as the model for classroom inclusion, by professionals and families.

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