What Life Is Like for Adults with Selective Mutism

What Life Is Like for Adults with Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism (SM) is usually associated with children because the symptoms usually start to manifest among this age group. However, little is said about adults suffering from this disorder who live a daily life of paradox—wanting to talk to people outside their comfort but extremely afraid to. A non-profit organization in Tamarac, Florida knows how much SM cannot just go away on its own. Almost always, untreated children with selective mutism continue to be so throughout adulthood.

For teens, they might be mislabeled as a defiant and for adults, rude. They are mostly considered as these out of the fact that they don’t answer when spoken to, even with just a hello or thank you. They may also get accused of wrongdoings for their lack of ability to speak for themselves. This can take affect their job search and application as well, which is why a public service organization in Florida is willing to help SM patients no matter their age.

It’s difficult for individuals with SM to have to be dependent on their parents or family members, which in most cases, financially—finding it hard to speak in an interview or deal with their coworkers. This is where a campaign group advocating treatment of selective mutism can help.

Whether children, teens, or adults, Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc. can help.

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